Logo and Mascots


We are pleased to introduce you the official logo of the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games that will take place in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

The logo consists of a lineal and simple image that enhances the virtues of the city of Mayagüez. It consists of two M letters overlapped: one in the color green, representing the city’s green abundance and hills, and the other one represents the pure waters that characterize its rivers and ocean.

 The letter composition is a type of modern cauldron serving as the base to the official flame that rests between the letters to represent the Olympic flame. The flame is composed of various tones of yellow, orange-red, representing the sunset- also a characteristic element of the city.

Mague Our mascots- Mayi and Magüe, will animate and inspire the great sports festival. Mayi and Magüe are represented by a funny modern illustration of a female and male version of the Central American flame. The use of soft lines and curves provide movement and friendliness, which coincides with the style of modern cartoons that has become so popular in the entire world, both among children and adults. The colors of our logo have been brush stroked into our own mascots to guarantee harmony and consistency with the image of Mayagüez 2010. Mayi